Shuffled offensive line runs over Steelers

Despite losing 29-24, the Ravens ran 46 times for 265 yards versus a Steelers defense that had been the NFL’s 2nd best against the run.  Not since 1993 (Seahawks) had the Steelers surrendered as many yards and Sunday was just the 3rd time since 1975 that any team had run for 250+ on Pittsburgh.

Aggregate OL Results

The Ravens provided Jackson Ample Time and Space (ATS) on 8 of 32 drop backs (25%).  That’s a below average percentage, but the Steelers did use numbers to reduce the rate (31% rushes of 5+).  The line had responsibility for 2.5 of the 4 sacks, all 5 QHs, and allowed 5 pressures.

Of the Ravens 2 OL penalties, both (illegal formation, holding) afforded the Steelers an option to decline.

The Ravens ran 78 scored snaps (excludes accepted penalties which result in no play, kneels, spikes, and special teams plays that result in a run or pass).

Stanley:  Ronnie played just 20 snaps before the injury.  He was beaten outside for a shared pressure by DuPree on the TD pass to Boykin (Q1, 8:48) when Edmunds also had a free run off the offensive right side (ORS).  Otherwise, his only negative event was the illegal formation penalty (Q3, 1:47).  He made 1 block in level 2.  He made a block or executed a fake on 1 of 2 pulls.  He did not have a pancake or highlight.

Scoring:  20 plays, 17 blocks, 2 missed, 1/2 pressure, 1 illegal formation, 13 points (.65 per play).  That’s a C with adjustment.

The loss of Stanley is perhaps the 2nd most serious the Ravens could have suffered.  In this game, however, both Brown’s play at LT and Fluker’s play at RT were outstanding.

Bozeman:  Bradley had an excellent game and returned to consistency as a puller.  He was bulled then shed by Heyward for a pressure (Q1, 0:25) for his only full charge.  He shared a QH with Fluker when he was bulled by Mondeaux (Q4, 0:08) to phonebooth the pocket.  Of his 6 misses, none were losses at the LoS (2 zone no bock, 3 pull no block, 1 L2NB).  He had 4 blocks in level 2, 1 pancake, and connected on 13 of 16 pulling assignments.  All other Ravens combined for 0 of 9 points on their pulls.  His highlight was a combination on DT Heyward then ILB Spillane (Q3, 12:37). 

Scoring:  78 plays, 70 blocks, 6 missed, 1 pressure, ½ QH, 66.5 points (.85 per play).  That’s an A after adjustment.

Skura:  Matt was having a terrific game for most of the first 3 quarters but struggled the rest of the way as a pass blocker.  He was beaten left by Buggs for a QH (Q3, 3:09).  Buggs then beat him left again to close off the backside on Tuitt’s sack (Q3, 0:10, half charge).  His holding flag vs Mondeaux 3 plays later (Q4, 13:35) negated Jackson’s 20-yard TD run.  Finally, he gave up another full QH when bulled by Tuitt (Q4, 0:52).  Of 4 missed blocks, 3 were losses at the LoS.  He went 10/10 on blocks in level 2, had 1 pancake, and connected on 1 of 2 pulls.  He had 3 highlight combination blocks (Q1, 13:33; Q4, 5:00; Q4, 3:48).

Scoring: 78 plays, 71 blocks, 4 missed, 2 QHs, ½ sack, 1 offensive holding, 56 points (.72 per play).  That’s a D+ after adjustment.  There is some positive portent from Skura’s performance in terms of mobility, but his difficulty anchoring reemerged against some large opponents.

Phillips:  Tyre exited early with an ankle injury.  In addition to a share penetration (Q1, 12:59), he failed to make a block in front of Jackson on a pull left and eventually bumped Jackson down for which he got half the sack charge.  He missed a block (failed to pick up a stunt by ILB Vince Williams), and made 1 block in level 2.  He did not have a highlight.

Scoring:  14 plays, 11 blocks, 1 missed, 1/2 penetration, ½ sack, 7 points (.50 per play). There’s no grade as this is below the 20-snap minimum.  The Ravens are again forced to make a choice at RG with Phillips on IR for at least the next 3 weeks.  The last time, they chose rotational play with Mekari and Powers, but I would not be shocked by any choice this time around.

Brown:  Zeus was off to a tough start at RT vs TJ Watt then excelled at LT after Stanley’s injury.  He was beaten outside by Watt for a QH (Q1, 14:14) which resulted in the Spillane pick-6.  Watt beat him inside for a pressure on the next play from scrimmage (Q1, 14:06).  Just 2 plays later, he shared a penetration with Phillips when neither was able to block Tuitt (Q1, 12:59) and Edwards was taken down for a loss of 1. Once he moved to LT, he did not have a single negative event and missed just 4 blocks.  Of 6 total missed blocks, only 2 were losses at the LoS.  He made 5 blocks in level 2 and had 2 pancakes.  He connected on just 1 of 3 pulls, but that 1 was his highlight to lead Jackson’s 8-yard conversion of 3rd and 6 (Q2, 1:17).

Scoring:  78 plays, 69 blocks, 6 missed, ½ penetration, 1 pressure, 1 QH, 63 points (.81 per play).  That’s an A with adjustment.

Mekari:  Patrick played 64 snaps in relief of Phillips and struggled with Stephon Tuitt.  He was bulled then shed by Tuitt for a sack (Q1, 0:57) when Tuitt used his length effectively to avoid a counter.  He failed to pick up the stunting Watt (Q1, 0:21) as he delivered a QH.          on Cox which negated a key conversion of 3rd and 7 (Q4, 8:29).  He was again bulled by Tuitt for a sack shared with Skura (Q3, 0:10).    Of 7 missed blocks, 4 were losses at the LoS.  He was bulled by Tuitt on both 3rd down (flushed Jackson for RM2) and 4th down (forced Jackson to loop around him on designed 4th and 3 run), beginning (Q4, 2:27). He made 5 blocks in level 2 but missed his only pull.  He had 3 highlights, 2 of which came on combination blocks.  The third was a long push on ILB Spillane that helped lead Dobbins’ 15-yard run right (Q4, 4:18).

Scoring:  64 plays, 54 blocks, 7 missed, 1 QH, 1.5 sacks, 42 points (.66 per play).  That’s a D+ with adjustment.  Tuitt is an outstanding athlete, but he imposed his length effectively vs Mekari.

Fluker:  DJ shined in an extended look at RT.  TJ Watt beat him outside for a full QH (Q4, 13:26) and another half with an outside rush (Q4, 0:08).  He was also bulled then shed by the stunting Tuitt for a pressure (Q4, 15:00).  I did not score him for any missed blocks, which is rare for any lineman and truly unusual for a RT.  He had 4 blocks in level 2 and delivered 4 pancakes.  Each of his 2 highlight blocks was a combination that included 2 linemen (Q2, 1:17; Q3, 13:17).

Scoring:  58 plays, 54 blocks, 0 missed, 1.5 pressures, 1.5 QH, 46.5 points (.80 per play).  That’s an A with adjustment.

Powers:  Ben had 1 snap as a 6th lineman and make his block.

If you’re interested in seeing scoring trends for the players this season, those charts will be posted in the Gallery section and updated weekly.