Ball Security

The Ravens offense was not everything one might have hoped after an offseason of additions.  Let’s review:

  • They were outsnapped 72-58
  • They did not have a rushing first down in the last 20 minutes as they tried to close out the game
  • They did very little to incorporate the TEs in the offense
  • They turned the ball over twice among 3 occasions where the ball might have been lost

Improving ball security will go a long way towards improving offensive efficiency and limiting opposing snap count to keep the defense fresh.  Beyond that, it will be important for the Ravens to use whatever they do best to maintain drives with the lead.

On the plus side, the Ravens scored 25 points in 5 red zone possessions (one of which ended in an INT).  The Chiefs led the NFL with 4.2 PPRZ in 2022.

Passing Game

Jackson was afforded ample time and space (ATS) on 5 of 26 (19%) drop backs resulting in a pass/sack.  With ATS, he was 4 of 5 for 46 yards (9.2 YPP).

He delivered the ball before pressure could develop (BOQ) 11 times (42%) with 11 complete for 109 yards (9.9 YPP).  He was pressured 10 times (38%), on which he completed 2 of 6 passes for -4 net yards (-0.4 YPP) including 1 INT and 4 sacks.

By number of pass rushers:

3:  none

4:  18 plays, 104 net yards, 5.8 YPP, 3 sacks

5:  3 plays, 18 net yards, 6.0 YPP, 1 sack

6:  4 plays, 29 net yards, 7.3 YPP, 1 INT

7:  1 play, INC

The Ravens need to find a way to generate some clean pockets for Lamar this week without both Ronnie Stanley and Tyler Linderbaum.

OL Scoring

The Ravens ran 73 scored snaps (excludes accepted penalties which result in no play, kneels, spikes, and special teams plays that result in a run or pass).

Stanley:  Ronnie was having a difficult game prior to his injury.  He was party to the sack that ended the Ravens 1st drive (bulled by DE Greenard as the pocket was simultaneously phoneboothed from all directions for S-7, 1/4 share, Q1, 13:44).  He surrendered a full QH when beaten outside by DE Horton, Q1, 8:07.  He was flagged for illegal hands when bulled by Greenard, Q2, 14:10 and had a false start when he tried to draw an NZI flag on DE Anderson, Q4, 14:09.  Of his 4 missed blocks, only 1 was a loss at the LoS.  He had 5 blocks in level 2 but did not have a pancake.  He connected on 2 of 3 pulls.  His highlight was a combo on DT Collins then LB Littleton in level 2. 

Scoring:  46 plays, 40 blocks, 4 missed, 1 QH, 1/4 sack, 1 illegal use of hands, 1 false start, 26.5 points (.58 per play).  That’s a D after adjustment.

Simpson:  John did not play at his preseason level and was frequently on the ground while blocking.  He surrendered a full QH when beaten inside by DT Collins who appeared to hit Lamar at or below the knee (Q2, 2:49).  He also shared in the sack when pc’d by Collins (Q1, 13:44).  Of his 8 missed blocks, 4 were losses at the LoS.  Three of his missed blocks were pancakes at the hands of Collins who used a push-pull move to floor him.  He had 2 blocks in level 2 and delivered 1 pancake.  He connected on 5 of 8 pulls.  His highlight was a pass off of Collins followed by a help block on Greenard that helped Jackson complete a 21-yard pass left to Flowers to convert 3rd/5 (Q1, 1:39).

Scoring:  58 plays, 48 blocks, 8 missed, 1 QH, ¼ sack, 43.5 points (.75 per play).  That’s a C with adjustment.

Linderbaum:  Tyler was the most effective of the Ravens lineman.  He shared a pressure with Moses when bulled by DT Hinish (Q3, 10:27).  He also had a share in the sack when he was beaten outside resulting in a phoneboothed pocket (Q1, 13:44).  Of his 4 missed blocks only 1 was a loss at the LoS.  He connected on both of his pulls.  He had 6 blocks in level 2 and delivered 2 pancakes.  He did not have a highlight. 

Scoring: 53 plays, 48 blocks, 4 missed, 1/2 pressure, ¼ sack, 45.5 points (.86 per play).  That’s a B after adjustment.

Zeitler:  Kevin had some difficulty as a pass blocker.  He was beaten inside by DE Anderson for pressure on which Lamar threw his interception (Q3, 7:25).  He also allowed a full sack to Hinish by bullrush which allowed ILB Harris to trip up Lamar as he tried to escape the fray (Q4, 11:11).  Of his 5 missed blocks, 3 were losses at the LoS.  He connected on 1 of his 2 pulls.  He had 2 blocks in level 2 and 2 pancakes.  His highlight was the fumble recovery after the ball was twice kicked by Hill (Q3, 6:33).

Scoring:  58 plays, 51 blocks, 5 missed, 1 pressure, 1 sack, 43 points (.74 per play). That’s a C after adjustment.

Moses:  Morgan had a difficult game blocking the 3rd overall 2023 pick, Will Anderson. He was party to 2 sacks (bulled by Anderson, ¼, Q1, 13:44; beaten outside by Anderson despite hold, full, Q4, 10:36).  He failed to pick up DE Hughes who rushed unblocked to close down the front side as S Pitre knocked down Jackson (Q2, 13:03).  Of his 5 missed blocks all were losses at the LoS and 2 would have been pressures had Lamar not run for positive yards.  He had 2 blocks in level 2 and delivered 1 pancake.  He received 1 point on all 5 of his pulls, including 1 courtesy as trailer.  His highlight was a pull to drive CB Stingley 10 yards in space (Q3, 12:37). 

Scoring:  58 plays, 49 blocks, 5 missed, 1/2 pressure, 1 QH, 1.25 sacks, 1 false start, 34.5 points (.59 per play).  That’s a D with  adjustment.

Mekari:  Patrick replaced Stanley for 12 plays and made 11 blocks and allowed ½ penetration (Q4, 1:49).  I did not grade him since he was shy of the 20-snap minimum.

Mustipher:  Sam replaced Linderbaum for the last 5 snaps and made all 5 blocks, including 1 in level 2.