The Ravens ran 57 scored snaps (excludes accepted penalties which result in no play, kneels, spikes, and special teams plays that result in a run or pass).

Hurst:  James had an outstanding game protecting Jackson’s blind side.  He allowed a full pressure by bull to DE Nathan Shepherd (Q3, 3:13) and another half share (with Yanda) to OLB Jordan Jenkins (Q3, 1:51).  He was driven into the backfield by Jenkins to bubble up Ingram’s run left for a loss of 3 (Q4, 12:06).  Those were his only negative plays.  He missed only 1 block.  James made 3 blocks in level 2 and delivered 1 pancake.  His highlight was a combination block on Shepherd then ILB Hewitt in level 2 (Q4, 10:48) to help lead Jackson’s 16-yard run. 

Scoring:  57 plays, 53 blocks, 1 missed, 1 penetration, 1.5 pressures, 48 points (.84 per play).  That’s an A- with adjustment.  James had 17 previous games with the Ravens with 30+ snaps at LT, but only the week 12 game at Cleveland in 2015 was as good (raw score of .86, A).  His aggregate raw score for those 17 games at LT was .57.

Bozeman:  Bradley had his best game of the season.  He did not have a single negative play be it pass, run, or penalty.  Of his 5 missed blocks, he was shed 4 times at the LoS (3 by 6’6” Henry Anderson).  He had 4 blocks in level 2, 3 pancakes, and connected on all 8 of his pulls.  His highlight was a combination block on DT Anderson then ILB James Burgess in level 2 (Q1, 12:46).

Scoring:  57 plays, 52 blocks, 5 missed, 52 points (.91 per play).  That’s an A with or without adjustment. 

Mekari:  Patrick struggled against the Jets.  He was bulled by Nathan Shepherd for a QH (Q2, 1:18).  He was flagged for a false start when he moved his foot (Q3, 1:26).  That flag might not have been thrown had the Jets defender not crossed the LoS, but that forced the decision.  He missed 6 blocks, 4 of which were losses at the LoS (2 “shed”, 2 “bulled”, for action verbs) in addition to 2 whiffs in L2.  On the plus side, he’s reduced his missed blocks from 8 to 7 to 6 over his 3 starts, but each of those totals is bad for a center.  He had 7 blocks in level 2. He did not register a pancake and was not assigned to pull.  He made 3 highlight combination blocks (Q1, 8:36; Q2, 1:54; Q3, 10:27).

Scoring: 57 plays, 49 blocks, 6 missed, 1/2 pressure, 1 QH, 1 false start, 42 points (.74 per play).  That’s a D with or without adjustment. 

Yanda:  Marshal was solid again.  His 2 pressure charges came on consecutive plays where the Ravens gained 48 yards (beginning Q3, 2:28).  On the first, he was bulled then shed for a pressure by DT Henry Anderson.  On the next play, he shared a pressure with Hurst when he was bulled by DT Folorunso Fatukasi to flush Jackson.  He had 3 missed blocks, none of which were losses at the LoS.  He was pancaked by Orlando Brown’s knockdown of McClendon (Q1, 2:57).  That play resulted in Jackson’s 5-yard TD to Boykin and an uncharged QH on Jackson by Henry Anderson that might have been prevented had Marshal not been on the ground.  Yanda made 1 block in level 2 and connected on 1 of 2 pulls.  He accumulated 3 highlight combination blocks. 

Scoring:  57 plays, 52 blocks, 3 missed, 1.5 pressures, 49 points (.86 per play). That’s a B+ with adjustment.

Brown:  Zeus had a solid game, but was fortunate his missed blocks did not cause worse results.  He was lined up opposite James Burgess when the Jets ILB had a leaping PD at the LoS (Q3, 13:34).  He was beaten outside by DE Kyle Phillips for a pressure shared with Mekari (Q3, 1:14).  Of 10 missed blocks, 7 were losses at the LoS, including twice shed by DT McLendon and twice bulled by OLB Jordan Jenkins.  He had 1 block in level 2 and was unable to find a block there on 3 occasions.  For the better of his 2 highlights, he pushed Burgess 5+ yards into level 2 to clear a canyon for Ingram’s 29-yard run.

Scoring:  57 plays, 45 blocks, 10 missed, 1.5 pressures, 42 points (.74 per play).  That’s a C with or without adjustment.

Ehinger:  Parker played 9 snaps, made 6 blocks and was flagged for illegal formation when he failed to report as eligible.  From the reaction of Ehinger and the Ravens bench, it appeared to be a blown call.

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