I did block-by-block scoring for 4 of the Ravens offensive linemen vs. the Eagles, all of whom are in the LG battle or fighting for a roster spot, Hurst, Bozeman, Powers, and Mekari.  

Unlike the other preseason games, the Eagles defensive starters played and their backups are talented.  I included a small positive adjustment for each lineman to reflect opponent quality.

Scored snaps exclude accepted penalties resulting in no play.  Although there were none in this game, they also exclude kneels, spikes, and special teams plays that result in a run or pass.  Here’s how I graded each lineman:

Hurst:  James had a difficult game that did nothing to reduce anxiety over the Ravens situation at tackle.  He had trouble with the bull rush of Vinny Curry who drove him back to the QB on 3 separate occasions for pressure (1 shared, 2 full).  Curry also beat him inside to blow up Hill’s run left for a loss of 1 (Q1, 6:02). Once Curry departed, Hurst did not have a charge against his replacement, Josh Sweat on 2 drives.  He did not have a block in level 2, pancake, pull assignment, or highlight.

Scoring:  25 plays, 18 blocks, 3 missed, 1 penetration, 2.5 pressures, 11 points (.44 per play).  F.  

Mekari:  Patrick entered at C for the last drive of the first half and played the remainder of the game, including the final 2 drives at LG.  He had problems on 2 separate double teams against DT Hassan Ridgeway. Mekari and Bozeman gave ground to Ridgeway (Q2, 1:05) on a pass that was out quickly.  He moved to level 2 prematurely (Q3, 8:55), which left Powers blocking Ridgeway in an odd position that went for no gain. In a sharp contrast to the Packers contest, where the gameplan clearly was developed to evaluate the interior linemen, Patrick was not asked to pull vs. the Eagles.  He made 1 block in level 2, but did not have a pancake or highlight.

Scoring:  24 plays, 21 blocks, 3 missed, 1 false start, 18 points (.75 per play).  After a small adjustment, that’s a D+ at the weighted combination of center (17 snaps) and guard (8).

Bozeman:  Bradley played the entire game with time split between LG (41 snaps) and C (8).  His only pass-blocking charge came by Ridgeway’s bull rush (Q2, 13:08). However, he had a mediocre run-blocking game with 5 misses on run blocks, including some awkwardness in space.  Of missed run blocks, 3 were cases where he was beaten at the LoS and 2 other were misses in level 2. He had 2 blocks in level 2, and made 1 of 2 pulls. He did not have a pancake or highlight.

Scoring: 49 plays, 42 blocks, 6 missed, ½ pressure, 41 points (.84 per play).  That’s a B weighted for play at G and C with a small adjustment for the quality of the Eagles DL.  I believe his role as a backup remains secure, but if he’s asked to play a lot of snaps in the finale, that should be a clear indication Urban does not plan to start him at Miami.

Powers:  Ben played well, but picked up a holding call for the second consecutive game.  The flag, his only negative pass-blocking play, occurred when McSorley was flushed left from the pocket by pressure allowed by Prince (Q3, 1:23).  McSorley’s movement compromised the angle Powers had on DT Treyvon Hester who was held while trying to contain the QB run. He surrendered a penetration to Hester (Q3, 14:11) which blew up Turner’s run for a loss of 1.  He made his only pull and had 2 highlights, both of which were combination blocks finishing with a level 2 block.

Scoring:  49 plays, 45 blocks, 2 missed, 1 offensive holding, 37 points (.76 per play). That’s a C with or without adjustment.