The Ravens ran 62 scored snaps (excludes accepted penalties which result in no play, kneels, spikes, and special teams plays that result in a run or pass).

I used slightly lower adjustments this week, because the 49ers rush appeared to be slowed by the weather.

Stanley:  Ronnie had a solid game against good competition.  He appeared to be confused and upset by a QH allowed to Sheldon Day (Q2, 4:03).  Stanley swiped at Day with 1 hand as if he thought the play called for a read option with Day as the player to beat.  However, Jackson turned his back in traditional play action (rules out the read) then threw left to Boyle.  Day hit Jackson low for a QH and roughing the passer flag.  Since the hit wasn’t late, but low, I judged the QH would have occurred anyway, so Stanley got the charge. After the play, he turned to Hayden Hurst with palms up, so there may have been some confusion of assignment.  Ronnie gave up 2 other full pressures to Bosa (Q1, 9:24) and Armstead (Q2, 2:05).  He missed 4 blocks, of which 3 were losses at the LoS to Bosa and one was a failure to find a block in level 2 (L2NB).  He made 6 blocks in level 2, delivered 3 pancakes, and pulled successfully on both assignments.  His highlight was an effective combination on Buckner then Warner (Q4, 12:21) even though Jackson ran for just 2 yards on the play.     

Scoring:  62 plays, 54 blocks, 4 missed, ½ penetration, 2 pressures, 1 QH, 46 points (.74 per play).  That’s a B- with adjustment.

Bozeman:  Bradley continued his improved play.  He was bulled by DT D.J. Jones for a pressure (Q1, 0:46) for his only charge as a pass or run blocker.  He missed 7 blocks, which included 4 losses at the LoS, 2 missed pulls, and 1 where Mekari stepped on his right foot as he tried to begin a pull (Q4, 5:13).  The fact the Ravens have consistently avoided such trips over these last 2 seasons is a facet of Skura’s play that was often underappreciated.  8 blocks in level 2, 1 pancake, and connected on 10 of 13 pulls.  His highlight was an unusual 3-man combination where he teed up DT Julian Taylor for Mekari, then blocked LB Dre Greenlaw in level 2 and S Jimmie Ward in level 3 (Q4,2:23).  I hope all offensive lineman are collecting video of their favorite blocks to show their grandchildren and this one should be on Bradley’s roll.

Scoring:  62 plays, 54 blocks, 7 missed, 1 pressure, 52 points (.84 per play).  That’s a B with or without adjustment. 

Mekari:  Patrick played well in his first start.  He was pancaked by DT Taylor, which contributed to Jackson’s RL-3 (Q4, 1:20) for his only charge.  He missed 8 blocks for a variety of reasons (slipped/PC’d by 77, tripped, L2 whiff, L2NB, shed by 99, failed to follow through on zone block, pull no block, shed by 77).  There is a lot to clean up there excepting the L2NB and PNB, but it’s the word “shed” which I hope will not have to be used frequently to describe his play, because that may be a function of arm length.  For the trip on Bozeman’s pull (see above), I made a .02 deduction to his adjustment (approximately equivalent to 1 additional miss).  He had 1 block in level 2 and 2 pancakes.  He failed to find a block on either of 2 pulling assignments.  His highlight was an effective combination on Taylor then Warner (Q1, 4:13).  He has a generally impressive physical style and looks for work well.

Scoring: 62 plays, 53 blocks, 8 missed, ½ penetration, 52 points (.84 per play).  That’s a B- with adjustment. 

Yanda:  Marshal again played well, including a big role in the game winning drive.  He was beaten on a stunt by Armstead for the flush which eventually went as the only sack (no loss) of Jackson (Q2, 7:07).  He had 2 special plays on the final drive worthy of individual review:

  • (Q4, 4:39): On 4th and 1 from their own 44, the Ravens went for it with Jackson under center.  Yanda and Flacco had a long history of success together with a common understanding of the “dance steps” necessary to convert.  Lamar however, typically lines up in shotgun to run for a first down, even on 3rd/4th and 1.  ILB Fred Warner ran between down linemen to take a 2-point stance directly across from Yanda.  At the snap, Jackson hesitated for a moment as Yanda pancaked Warner and moved to level 2. Jackson followed easily for a 3-yard gain and new set of downs.  This should go on the long highlight reel of Yanda-led QB sneaks.
  • (Q4, 2:00): On 3rd and 1, the Ravens lined up jumbo and unbalanced with 4 of their 6 offensive linemen to the left of center flanked by TE Andrews.  Yanda, the only lineman to the right of C Mekari, pulled far left past all 6 players at the LoS and dove to the ground between Andrews and FB Ricard.  While he didn’t connect on a pull, he occupied some prime real estate, which obstructed S Jimmie Ward from attacking that gap to tackle Jackson.  Jackson simply belly flopped on top of Yanda for 2 yards and the first down that guaranteed the Ravens would be able to run out the clock prior to kicking.  The broadcast captured the on-ground celebration as Yanda patted Jackson on the helmet.

Marshal made 1 block in level 2, delivered 1 pancake, and made 4 of 5 pulls (yes, the one miss was the 2nd highlight above). 

Scoring:  62 plays, 58 blocks, 2 missed, 1/2 pressure, 1/3 sack, 55 points (.89 per play). That’s an A with adjustment.

Brown:  Zeus had another A after adjustment to continue a fine season.  He was bulled by Bosa to blow up Ingram’s run for a loss of 2 (Q3, 2:20).  He failed to maintain his block on Armstead on Jackson’s designed roll right (Q4, 11:52) for his only full pressure.  He missed 2 blocks, but only 1 of those was a loss at the LoS.  He had 2 blocks in level 2 and made 3 pancakes.  He did not have a pulling assignment.  Of his 2 highlight combination blocks, the more impressive was a read option where he was able to tee up Buckner for Yanda then moved to level 2 to block Greenlaw (Q2, 14:12).

Scoring:  62 plays, 57 blocks, 3 missed, 1 penetration, 1.5 pressures, 52 points (.84 per play).  That’s an A with adjustment.

Hurst:  James played 4 snaps as the 6th OL and made all 4 blocks, including 2 pancakes. 

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