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Offensive Line Scoring vs. Dolphins 9/8/19

The Ravens offensive line avoided costly mistakes against the Dolphins in the opener.

The lone sack occurred on what appeared to be a busted play where the line was expecting something else (they were all blocking to the left) and Jackson made a play-action fake to no one before tucking and running (Q2, 10:38).  That play was the only time either Jackson or Griffin was knocked down in the pocket.

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Defense Notes : Ravens @ Dolphins

The Ravens had consistently high offensive play counts throughout 2018, leading the league with 1,135 snaps, almost 4 per game more than the next-best Patriots (1,073).  While offensive snaps were similar in games started by Flacco and Jackson, the offense and defense complemented each other well during Jackson’s tenure as defensive snaps dropped from 64.0 per game to 56.9.

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