As Ravens fans we care primarily about the success of our team.

When you think about it, isn’t that a little selfish?

In this time of broader social efforts, let’s take a moment to empathize with our less-advantaged NFL brethren, the message board and twitter trolls.  The passion of these social misfits is particularly imperiled by twitter’s 280-character limit, which restricts their ability to start the flame wars which keep them going.  They want nothing more than a little schadenfreude and deserve not only our pity, but an empathetic offering to simplify their daily lives which are otherwise marked primarily by vitamin D deficiency, halitosis, and crippling exposure to bridge mold.

To that end, here are the top reasons why Ravens fans can’t yet claim Lamar Jackson is good:

1.     I watched him miss those throws that one time and I trust my eyes

2.     Must wait and see after X weeks/years

3.     Running QBs always get hurt

4.     Has 0 rings. Zero!

5.     Must beat all QBs in his draft round (Mayfield, Allen, Darnold, Rosen) to qualify for “veteran” comparisons

6.     Has not yet faced a real defense

7.     Has never beaten the Patriots

8.     Opponents have all been tanking

9.     Opposing DBs were trying to get traded

10.   Due for more fumbles after 2 games without one

11.   Will take up a huge portion of 2023 salary cap

12.   Only time will tell…and I’ll tell you how much time when we get there!

13.   Can’t compare to QBs because he’s a running back

Next time just tweet “Lamar still sucks because 3, 6, 8 #Ravensflock” or make a similar board post. Isn’t that easier?

If you’re a Ravens fan, please contribute your ideas in the comments section. 

A troll’s will to live may be riding on it.