Aggregate OL Results

The Ravens provided Jackson and McSorley Ample Time and Space (ATS) on 6 of 24 drop backs (25%).  That’s below average.  Among 15 non-ATS drop backs, 6 were balls delivered before pressure could develop (BOQ) and 12 were pressures. 

Summarizing the OL performance:

  • They were responsible for 2.5 of the 4 sacks
  • They did not allow any other QHs
  • They allowed 8 pressures
  • They were not responsible for a run for loss
  • They were penalized once for 5 yards

Jackson scrambled out of pressure (not included in totals above) on multiple occasions which had a positive impact on some of the grades below.

Individual Scoring

The Ravens ran 56 scored snaps (excludes accepted penalties which result in no play, kneels, spikes, and special teams plays that result in a run or pass).

Brown:  Zeus played OK, primarily against Myles Garrett.  He allowed 4 full pressures, each of which started with a bull rush by Garrett (Q2, 1:01; Q3, 8:21; Q4, 12:56; Q4, 6:29).  I Charged him with 1/6th of the sack by Vernon for the fact he and Bozeman were unable to stop Garrett from compressing the left side of the pocket when Lamar ran into the backs of the IOL for the sack (half charge to Jackson, Q2, 14:53).  He missed 8 blocks, 5 of which were losses at the LoS, 1 L2NB, and 2 whiffs on pulls.  His most productive miss was allowing Garret to bull/hand fight his way to Jackson’s feet, which flushed him for a 17-yard TD run (Q2, 0:37).  That was one of several cases in this game where Jackson ran a Ravens lineman out of a pressure.  He made 4 blocks in level 2, delivered 1 pancake, and connected on 4 of 6 pulls.  His highlight was a combination on DT Larry Ogunjobi then S Karl Joseph in level 2 (Q1, 7:05). 

Scoring:  56 plays, 43 blocks, 8 missed, 4 pressures, 1/6 sack, 34 points (.61 per play).  That’s a C with adjustment.

Bozeman:  Bradley played well and made one of the biggest plays on offense.  He was beaten outside for pressure by Adrian Clayborn on McSorley’s 13-yard conversion to Snead (Q4, 5:39).  He also took a 1/6th share of a sack on Jackson when unable to help on Garrett (Q2, 14:53).  Of 3 missed blocks, 2 were losses at the LoS, but all came on run plays.  He had 1 block in level 2, 1 pancake, and connected on 13 of 14 pulling assignments. I did not score him for a blocking highlight, but the recovery of Dobbins fumble was one of the biggest plays of the game for the Ravens offensively and extended the drive that would ultimately end on Lamar’s 4th-and-5 TD.  

Scoring:  56 plays, 51 blocks, 3 missed, 1 pressure, 1/6 sack, 48 points (.86 per play).  That’s an A after adjustment.

Mekari:  Patrick played well again at center.  His only pass blocking charge of the game came on the first offensive play when DT Ogunjobi bulled him straight back to the feet of Jackson to flush the pocket (Q1, 9:00).  Jackson tried to run but was ultimately dropped for a 1-yard sack.  Since Jackson had time to unload the ball, I charged Mekari with a pressure on the play.  His false start penalty helped stall the 2nd drive of the third quarter.  He missed 3 blocks, 2 of which were losses at the LoS.  He had 2 blocks in level 2 and made 1 of 2 pulls.  His highlight was a combination block on DT Ogunjobi then LB Goodson in level 2.

Scoring: 56 plays, 52 blocks, 3 missed, 1/3 sack, 1 false start, 47 points (.84 per play).  That’s a B with adjustment.  I expect Mekari will hold the job for the rest of the season now.  While winning always has to come first, there is another good reason to do so.  Matt Skura will be a UFA after the season and the Ravens need to know what they have with Mekari if they are going to let him walk.  Patrick’s trial isn’t just a comparison to Skura, but also a prologue for a 2021 camp battle that may include Bredeson and Colon-Castillo.  

Powers:  Ben played well but was also a beneficiary of Jackson’s great night as a scrambler.  He and Phillips were unable to negotiate a stunt handoff which, combined with a slip by Jackson, contributed to an 8-yard sack (Q2, 14:19).  He shared another pressure with Fluker when DE Vernon beat their double team (Q4, 1:04).  He and Phillips were both beaten individually for pressure (Q1, 5:20), but Jackson bailed them out with an escape he turned into a 13-yard scramble.  He missed 5 blocks, of which 4 were losses at the LoS.  He had 2 blocks in level 2, had 1 pancake, and connected on all 3 of his pulls.  His highlight was a combination on DT Richardson then Ogunjobi pursuing in level 2 (Q2, 10:25).

Scoring:  56 plays, 49 blocks, 5 missed, 1/2 pressure, 1/3 sack, 46 points (.82 per play). That’s a C+.  I took away his subjective adjustment due to the scramble help he got from Lamar.  He’s in no danger of losing the RG job this season, but his performance the rest of the way could make him the clear choice for 2021.

Phillips:  Tyre started and played 13 snaps in 2 disastrous rotational stints with Fluker at RT.  He had a contribution to 3 sacks for a total of 1.5 charged (Q2, 14:53; Q2, 14:19; Q2, 4:11).  After the 3rd sack, he was benched, despite the fact he had just re-entered on that play.  He was bailed out of another pressure by Jackson’s 13-yard scramble (Q1, 5:20), which was scored as a missed block.  He made 1 block in level 2 but did not deliver a pancake.  He connected on his only pull.

Scoring: 13 plays, 9 blocks, 1 missed, 1.5 (1/6 + 1/3 + 1) sacks, 0 points.  I didn’t grade him because he’s beneath the 20 snap minimum.  However, he would have needed approximately 16 additional successful blocks to reach a D-.

Fluker:  DJ was solid in rotational duty at RT.  He surrenderd 2.5 pressures, all to Vernon.  Of his 4 missed blocks, 3 were losses at the LoS.  He made 5 blocks in level 2, delivered 1 pancake, and connected on his only pull.  He had 3 highlight combination blocks (Q2, 8:35; Q2, 3:21; Q4, 4:14), half of the team’s total.

Scoring:  43 plays, 36 blocks, 4 missed, 2.5 pressures, 31 points (.72 per play).  That’s a solid C with or without adjustment for quality of opponent.  DJ’s play has been all over the place at RT, but more often good than bad.  I expect he may start and play more against Jacksonville given Phillips’ struggles.

Skura:  Matt made 8 of his 9 blocks as a sixth offensive lineman.

If you’re interested in seeing scoring trends for the players this season, those charts will be posted in the Gallery section and updated weekly.