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Offensive Line Scoring vs Bengals 11/10/19

The Ravens were not stopped on any drive with Lamar Jackson at QB. In fact, every time they had a first down through 3 quarters, they eventually converted the series for either another first down or TD. The lone exception was the end-of-half kneel. For Football Outsiders Drive Success Rate, that’s a 17-for-17 performance.

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Offensive Line Scoring vs. Steelers 10/6/19

The offensive line produced ample time and space (ATS) on 17 of 33 drop backs resulting in a pass or sack (51.5%), which is outstanding by 2019 standards, but also deceiving. The bad news is that the Steelers sacked Jackson on 4 of the 16 times he didn’t have ATS as well as one other time he ran into a sack with ATS.

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