Ravens Fail to Finish

The Ravens failed to finish a game they could have closed out numerous times and wasted a fine defensive effort in the process.  Let’s review the opportunities:

  • Kenyon Drake fumbled at the Indianapolis 20 following a long run on a short pass to end the Ravens 2nd drive
  • The Ravens followed thet up with 3 consecutive fumbles (1 lost) in the pocket, 2 by Jackson and 1 on a mistimes snap by Mustipher
  • They failed a 3rd and 1 attempt from their own 45 on the first possession after halftime by failing to pick up LB Speed who took down Edwards for a 2-yard loss
  • After retaking the lead 17-16 midway through the fourth quarter, the defense delivered a stop and the Ravens had a chance to run out the clock with 4:48 to play
  • The Ravens allowed another drive-ending sack, this time by Zeitler’s failure to pick up Franklin to give the ball back to force a punt with 2:28 remaining
  • Jordan Stout’s punt left the Colts to start at their own 2-yard line and the defense delivered a safety 4 plays later when Minshew stepped out of the end zone with 2:03 remaining
  • After some confusion on the ensuing free kick, Zay Flowers made an unfortunate fair catch to provide the Colts with a critical additional play on defense
  • The Ravens gained 3 yards and had a clock-killing penalty on the ensuing drive which lasted a total of 0:22 before Stout again punted to leave the Colts at their own 38
  • Minshew drove the Colts 28 yards on 6 plays to set up the game-tying FG
  • Despite another sack, Jackson drove the Ravens to the Indianapolis 43 where Tucker came up just short from 61 yards on his game-winning FG attempt
  • The Colts won the toss in OT, but the defense again got off the field on 3 plays
  • Devin Duvernay’s punt return brought the Ravens offense back on the field at the Colts 48
  • The Ravens could muster only 4 yards on 3 plays and were again forced to punt
  • The defense again stopped the Colts on a critical 4th/1 play just past midfield, again setting the offense up with great field position
  • Isaiah Likely dropped a key 3rd/3 conversion to bring up 4th/3
  • A fairly obvious pass interference flag was missed on the ensuing 4th/3, which was incomplete and turned the ball over on downs
  • The Colts drove 18 yards on 4 plays to set up Gay’s 53-yard, game-winning FG

This is the sort of gnawing defeat which gets reviewed multiple times after a season where the team just misses the playoffs or a division title.  On the other hand, the 2011 team had 4 awful losses (Tennessee, Jacksonville, Seattle, San Diego) of this ilk and still managed to secure a bye with a sweep of all 6 divisional games.  The Ravens will get their chance at redemption quickly with 2 critical division games on the road at Cleveland and Pittsburgh over the next 2 weeks.

Passing Game

Jackson was afforded ample time and space (ATS) on 10 of 35 (29%) drop backs resulting in a pass/sack.  With ATS, he was 8 of 10 for 97 yards (9.7 YPP).

He delivered the ball before pressure could develop (BOQ) 13 times (37%) with 11 complete for 70 yards (5.4 YPP).  He was pressured 12 times (34%), on which he completed 3 of 8 passes for 8 net yards, including 4 sacks (0.7 YPP).

By number of pass rushers:

3:  3 plays, 23 net yards, 7.7 YPP

4:  18 plays, 110 net yards, 6.1 YPP, 2 sacks, 2 turnovers

5:  7 plays, 28 net yards, 4.0 YPP, 1 sack

6:  6 plays, 14 net yards, 2.3 YPP, 1 sack

7:  1 play, 0 net yards

The Ravens needed to find a way to generate time and space for Jackson with greater frequency.  He’s been outstanding when given time.

OL Scoring

The Ravens ran 72 scored snaps (excludes accepted penalties which result in no play, kneels, spikes, and special teams plays that result in a run or pass).

Mekari:  Patrick had a solid game marred by a key sack.  He allowed a sack when beaten outside by DE Ebukam (Q2, 11:38).   He was nearly beaten for another sack by Ebukam (Q4, 3:30) but Lamar miraculously escaped for a 14-yard run.  Of his 7 missed blocks, 4 were losses at the LoS.  He had 8 blocks in level 2 but did not deliver a pancake.  He connected on 1 of 2 pulls.  He had 2 highlight combination blocks (Q3, 14:07 and Q4, 10:47).  I eliminated his adjustment for the near sack allowed.

Scoring:  72 plays, 64 blocks, 7 missed, 1 sack, 58 points (.81 per play).  That’s a B.

Simpson:  John had another solid but flawed game.  He allowed a pressure on a tentative pull where he picked up LB Leonard too deep (Q3, 8:02).  His other pressure came when bulled by DT Buckner (Q4, 0:57). I charged him with 2/3 of the QH by DT Stewart (Q1, 2:17) shared with Moses.  Of his 7 missed blocks, 3 were losses at the LoS and included two times as a pancakee.  He had 6 blocks in level 2 and delivered 2 pancakes.  He scored just 2 points on 7 pulls.  His highlight was a combination block (Q3, 3:29).

Scoring:  72 plays, 62 blocks, 7 missed, 2 pressures, 2/3 QH, 56 points (.78 per play).  That’s a B- with adjustment.

Mustipher:  Sam had another solid game despite the snap snafu.  He allowed 2 penetrations (failed to pick up LB Speed Q3, 11:49 and shed by DE Ebukam on pull Q3, 1:38).  The first penetration ended a drive on 3rd/1.  He was bulled by DT Buckner for pressure (Q1, 10:43).  Of his 5 missed blocks 2 were losses at the LoS.  He scored -1 points on his 2 pulls.  He had 7 blocks in level 2 but did not deliver a pancake.  He had 2 highlights including a combination and a nice screen block in L2. 

Scoring: 72 plays, 64 blocks, 5 missed, 2 penetrations, 1 pressure, 58 points (.81 per play).  That’s a C.

Mustipher lost his entire adjustment for the mistimed snap which ended the Ravens 5th drive (Q2, 2:41).

Zeitler:  Kevin again struggled as a pass blocker.  He was party to 3 sacks (bulled by DT Bryan, full, Q2, 6:03; failed to pick up LB Franklin, full, Q4, 2:32; failed to either chip LB Franklin or block LB Stuard, half, Q4, 0:23).  He also had a pressure when bulled by DT Stewart (OT, 3:28).  Of his 2 missed blocks, neither was a loss at the LoS.  He pulled successfully on all 4 attempts.  He had 1 block in level 2 but did not deliver a pancake.  He had 1 highlight combination block (Q2, 12:56).

Scoring:  72 plays, 66 blocks, 2 missed, 1 pressure, 2.5 sacks, 49 points (.68 per play). That’s a D even after adjustment.

Moses:  Morgan had his second consecutive fine game. He shared a QH with Simpson when bulled by DE Paye to phonebooth the pocket (1/3 charge, Q1, 2:17).  He also had a false start which stalled the first drive of Q3.  Of his 4 missed blocks, 2 were losses at the LoS.  He had 5 blocks in level 2 and delivered 2 pancakes.  He connected on 4 of 5 pulls, (no courtesy points as the trailer).  He had 2 highlights, the more impressive of which was a handoff of DE Paye to Zeitler where he then drove the stunting Buckner past the pocket  (Q3, 7:55).  The right side of the Ravens offensive line was 8 for 9 on pulls while the left side and center scored just 2 points on 11 pulls.

Scoring:  72 plays, 66 blocks, 4 missed, 1/3 QH, 1 false start, 62 points (.86 per play).  That’s an A with adjustment.

Faalele:  Daniel was used as a 6th offensive lineman for 4 plays and made 3 blocks.