Ravens Pad Offensive Stats vs Bengals

In an odd game, the Ravens lost the snap count decisively, but have plenty to savor in terms of statistical outliers:

  • The Ravens were not stopped on any drive with Lamar Jackson at QB. In fact, every time they had a first down through 3 quarters, they eventually converted the series for either another first down or TD. The lone exception was the end-of-half kneel. For Football Outsiders Drive Success Rate, that’s a 17-for-17 performance.
  • The Ravens continue to lead the league in every positive per-drive statistic, including yards (43.4), points (3.08), plays (7.16), ToP (3:34), and Drive Success Rate (.799). Dallas and KC are tied for 2nd in points per drive (2.65). That differential is equivalent to 6 points over a 14-possession game.
  • The team scored more than 1 point per offensive play for the game (49-46). That included 2 defensive TDs. However, with Lamar Jackson at QB they scored 35 offensive points on 35 snaps (33 excluding 1 kneel and 1 spike).

The Ravens ran 44 scored snaps (excludes accepted penalties which result in no play, kneels, spikes, and special teams plays that result in a run or pass).

Stanley: Ronnie had a solid game with an early exit. He had a full QH charge when beaten outside by DE Carl Lawson (Q2, 0:07). He did not otherwise have any negative events and missed just 2 blocks, 1 of which was a pancake when the Ravens were in a jumbo formation. He made 4 blocks in level 2, delivered 1 pancake, and connected on each of 2 pulling assignments. I did not score him for a highlight.

Scoring: 33 plays, 30 blocks, 2 missed, 1 QH, 27 points (.82 per play). That’s a B with or without an adjustment.

Bozeman: Bradley delivered a solid effort versus the most formidable players on the Bengals defense. He was beaten inside for a full pressure by DT Geno Atkins where Jackson deftly avoided a big hit (Q3, 9:33). On the following drive, he was unable to slow down Hubbard’s rush from ILB and I gave him a 2/3 charge (Q3, 5:18) because Williams also rushed unblocked. Lamar delivered a 20-yard TD to Brown on the play. He was flagged for a false start which did not stall a drive, because nothing stalled a drive in this game. He missed 3 blocks, 1 of which occurred when he allowed DE Carlos Dunlap to disengage too easily on a pull. The other 2 misses were losses at the LoS. Bozeman had 5 blocks in level 2 and made 5 of 6 pulls. He did not deliver a pancake, nor did I score him for a highlight.

Scoring: 44 plays, 39 blocks, 3 missed, 1 pressure, 2/3 QH, 1 false start, 32 points (.73 per play). That’s a C with adjustment.

Skura: Matt had another solid game without a pass-blocking charge. He was bulled into Ingram by DT Andrew Billings (Q1, 7:59) which resulted in a loss of 2, a charge he shared with Boyle. He otherwise missed just 4 blocks, including 3 losses at the LoS (Billings X 2, Atkins) and a slip entering level 2. He had 3 blocks in level 2 and made both of his pull assignments. I did not score him for a highlight block.

Scoring: 44 plays, 39 blocks, 4 missed, 1/2 penetration, 38 points (.86 per play). That’s a B with adjustment at center. Last season he led the NFL in snaps and he last missed an offensive snap in the 2017 season finale. This year, the Ravens made a Pro Bowl ballot for him, so he didn’t need a home-made version.

Yanda: Marshal recovered to play well after allowing a pressure on the first offensive snap. He was beaten inside by DT Billings for the pressure as Jackson unloaded his 49-yard bomb to Brown (Q1, 15:00). Neither of his 2 missed blocks were of high cost. On the first he could not find a target while zone blocking left (Q1, 5:59) Just 2 plays later, his pull was obstructed when Atkins Pancaked Stanley at the goal line. He made 1 block in level 2 and connected on 6 of 7 pulls.

Scoring: 33 plays, 30 blocks, 2 missed, 1 pressure, 28 points (.85 per play). That’s a B with or without adjustment.

Brown: Orlando had his first game with no pass rush charges. His missed blocks included an L2NB, a backside failure to find a block, and a failure to square up in level 2. On the last, he gave some ground to Dunlap on the QH allowed by Bozeman (Q3, 5:18), but didn’t get a share of the charge. He made 1 block in level 2, but did not have a pancake, pull, or highlight.

Scoring: 44 plays, 39 blocks, 4 missed, 1/3 QH, 38 points (.86 per play). That’s an A with adjustment and essentially duplicates the other 3 best games he’s had this season.

Hurst: James played 3 snaps as a 6th offensive lineman then replaced Stanley at LT for the final 11 snaps. He made 11 of 14 blocks and surrendered a QH to DE Carl Lawson on the Ravens final offensive play to collect 8 of a possible 14 points. However, he gets no grade because he played under 20 snaps.

Mekari: Patrick made all 11 blocks when he replaced Yanda for the final 2 drives.

If you’re interested in seeing scoring trends for the players this season, those charts will be posted shortly and updated weekly.