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Defensive Notes: Ravens at Chiefs

After 3 weeks, the Ravens miss CJ Mosley. 

When he was here, Mosley’s coverage skills were often unjustly maligned, but he provided consistency and cohesiveness to both the ILB group and defense as a unit.  Without him, a group of downhill players (Onwuasor, Young, and Board) are being asked to do much more outside their wheelhouse.

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Offensive Line Scoring Week 2 vs. Cardinals

The Ravens offensive line allowed 2 sacks against the Cardinals following an opener where the only sack allowed did not include a share to a lineman.

As importantly, Ravens QBs have only been knocked down 3 times in 2 games.

The offensive line provided Jackson ample time and space (ATS) on 18 of 39 drop backs (46%), which is above average for the last several seasons. 

Despite these positives, individual OL grades were mixed.

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Offensive Line Scoring vs. Dolphins 9/8/19

The Ravens offensive line avoided costly mistakes against the Dolphins in the opener.

The lone sack occurred on what appeared to be a busted play where the line was expecting something else (they were all blocking to the left) and Jackson made a play-action fake to no one before tucking and running (Q2, 10:38).  That play was the only time either Jackson or Griffin was knocked down in the pocket.

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