Author: Ken McKusick

Offensive Line Scoring vs. Steelers 10/6/19

The offensive line produced ample time and space (ATS) on 17 of 33 drop backs resulting in a pass or sack (51.5%), which is outstanding by 2019 standards, but also deceiving. The bad news is that the Steelers sacked Jackson on 4 of the 16 times he didn’t have ATS as well as one other time he ran into a sack with ATS.

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Defensive Notes vs Browns 09/29/19

In order to feel better about losing a big game to a divisional rival, it would be ideal if we could say the Ravens lost due to one bad call or one correctable play.  As you know from watching the game, that is not the case and the breakdowns were numerous in a game where the Browns piled up 530 yards of offense.

Under circumstances like these, I like to look at the plays that were most costly and look for common threads.

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