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The Articles

Offense Line Scoring Week 1 vs Browns

Offensive Line Scoring vs. Browns 9/13/19 The Ravens afforded Jackson ample time and space (ATS) on just 4 of 27 drop backs (15%).  That should have severely impeded the Ravens pass game, but Jackson masterfully negotiated the pocket to extend plays as needed...

A Complement for Passer Rating

Football has generally good passing statistics including the most commonly cited measure of passing effectiveness, passer rating. However, passer rating fails to capture anything about sacks or plays on which the QB scrambles.

Offense Success Rate

Dan Rees joins Ken McKusick to take a look at the Ravens offense Success Rate in 2019. You can find Dan's Article about the Running Success...

Forgotten Classic: 10/27/96 vs Rams

You probably remember this one, so it isn’t truly a “forgotten” classic. However, when I scored this game I found enough drama, missed opportunity, oddity, and historical significance, it could easily make 2 pieces.

Analyzing the Ravens 2020 Schedule

The 16 opponents for the Ravens in 2020 as well as the home/road location of those games were all a function of the 2019 season and the NFL’s rotational schedule. That means most complaints about who and where the Ravens must play should fall on deaf ears. What we...

End Of Season Roster Evaluation-Defense 2019

It’s time to take stock of the Ravens defensive roster again. As usual, I’ll split the roster into 5 qualitative categories relative to the ultimate master, the salary cap.  Note all snap numbers and percentages are for the regular season. Young Producers...

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