Aggregate OL Results

The Ravens provided Jackson Ample Time and Space (ATS) on 7 of 40 pass plays (18%), half their season average.  Among 33 non-ATS drop backs, 10 were balls delivered before pressure could develop (BOQ) and 23 were pressures. 

Summarizing the OL performance:

  • They were responsible for 1.5 of the 5 sacks.
  • They were charged with 2 QHs.
  • They allowed 13.5 pressures (Jackson scrambled away from 2 pressures and Huntley another).
  • They were not responsible for any runs for loss.
  • They were penalized twice for 15 yards.

For the 2nd time in 3 years, the Ravens ended their season with a horrific game for the line.

Despite a night of poor protection, Jackson made an unforced error for the game’s biggest play when he stared down Andrews on Taron Johnson’s 101-yard pick-6 despite enjoying ATS.

Individual Scoring

The Ravens ran 72 scored snaps (excludes accepted penalties which result in no play, kneels, spikes, and special teams plays that result in a run or pass).

Brown:  Zeus had a solid pass blocking game primarily against DEs Mario Addison and AJ Epenesa.  He surrendered his only full pressure charge by bull rush to Epenesa (Q4, 5:30).  He had 2 other half charges (bulled by Murphy, beaten outside by Addison).  Of 6 missed blocks, 2 were losses at or behind the LoS.  He also moved to level 2 to make a block on what would become an 11-yard sack by SCB Levi Wallace (Q1, 9:40).  He made 2 blocks in level 2, had 1 pancake, and connected (or sold a fake) on 8 of 11 pulls. 

Scoring:  72 plays, 63 blocks, 6 missed, 2 (1 + 2 x 1/2) pressures, 59 points (.82 per play).  That’s a B with or without adjustment. 

Bozeman:  Bradley was the most effective of the Ravens linemen.  His only negative play was his false start to cap a series of 3 penalties on the offense (Q2, 6:36).  Huntley ran for 11 to spare him and Fluker a shared pressure (Q4, 3:07).  Of 4 missed blocks, 3 were losses at the LoS.  He made 2 blocks in level 2, had 1 pancake, and connected on 9 of 10 pulls.  He had 3 highlight blocks, the best of which was misattributed to Mekari on the broadcast.  On Edward 9-yard run (Q4, 7:58), he teed up DT Harrison Phillips for Mekari, then pivoted to clear the other side of the hole by pancaking CB Taron Johnson’s run blitz.

Scoring:  72 plays, 68 blocks, 4 missed, 1 false start, 65 points (.90 per play).  That’s an A after adjustment.

Mekari:  Patrick had a tough game as a blocker before consideration for his snap misfires.  DT Phillips beat him left for a QH (Q3, 9:29).  He also surrendered a full pressure to DT Justin Zimmer (Q1, 5:04).  Of 9 missed blocks, all were losses at or behind the LoS.  He had 1 block in level 2 and connected on 5 of 6 pulls.

Scoring: 72 plays, 60 blocks, 9 missed, 1.5 pressures, 1 QH, 54 points (.75 per play).  That’s a D for blocking only.  I reduced his adjustment to the floor of 0 for this game.  Due to the Ravens snap issues this season, I will change to allow a negative adjustment where warranted in 2021.  Had the 2 bad snaps been charged as a pressure and sack, respectively, he would have scored .61 per play, an F.

Powers:  Ben had the worst game of his career.  His holding penalty wiped out an 18-yard scramble (Q1, 7:32).  Penalties were a problem early in the season, but he had not drawn a flag since week 11.  He received a 2/3 share of the sack by Jerry Hughes (Q2, 6:34) when he was beaten outside by DT Quinton Jefferson for the initial pressure.  He was bulled by DT Justin Zimmer for a QH (Q2, 3:30).  He also had shares of 3 pressures (1full plus 2 half).  Of 11 missed blocks, 10 were losses at or behind the LoS.  He had 3 blocks in level 2 and made his only pull.  He had a highlight combination block on DT Vernon Butler then LB Matt Milano in level 2 (Q1, 13:04).

Scoring:  72 plays, 56 blocks, 11 missed, 2 (1 + 2*1/2) pressures, 1 QH, 2/3 sack, 1 offensive holding, 39 points (.54 per play). That’s an F.

Phillips:  Tyre started at RT and again rotated with DJ Fluker.  He received a 1/3 charge for Hughes’ sack (Q3, 6:34) when he was beaten inside after oversetting to combat speed on a sack that was set up by pressure from DT Quinton Jefferson.  Phillips was bulled on 4 separate occasions by DE Jerry Hughes for pressure (Q2, 10:56, half; Q2, 0:38, full; Q2, 0:32, half, Q2, 0:13, full).  He also failed to block him (Q3, 1:03) on the play immediately preceding the pick-6.   He missed 3 blocks, 2 of which were losses at the LoS.  He made 4 blocks in level 2 and connected on 3 of 4 pulls.  I did not record a highlight.

Scoring:  37 plays, 29 blocks, 3 missed, 4 pressures, 1/3 sack, 19 points (.51 per play).  That’s an F.

Fluker:  DJ played 35 snaps at RT and was also ineffective.  He had a half share of the sack by Hughes (Q2, 8:17) when he and Ricard were unable to negotiate the block and had words after the play.  He surrendered 4 full pressures (2 to Epenesa and 2 to Murphy) which all occurred on the final 2 Ravens drives.  Of 4 missed blocks, 3 were losses at the LoS.  He made 1 block in level 2, delivered 2 pancakes, and was successful on his only pull.  His highlight came on Lamar’s extended play (Q1, 5:04) when he pancaked Hughes with a 12-to-6 block, knocked down DT Justin Zimmer, then continued to look for work and blocked DT Quinton Jefferson.

Scoring:  35 plays, 26 blocks, 4 missed, 4 pressures, 1/2 sack, 15 points (.43 per play).  That’s an F.  DJ finished with Fs in his last 3 games (all partials) and 6 of 14 on the season.  Even so, his aggregate grade was on the C-/D+ border for the year.  He was forced into action at tackle this season, but I think he could be more effective at guard.

Skura:  Matt made 4 out of 5 blocks as a sixth offensive lineman.  He recovered Edwards’ fumble (Q1, 2:57).

If you’re interested in seeing scoring trends for the players this season, those charts will be posted in the Gallery section and updated weekly.